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Who Is Peaches Bakeshop?


Peaches Bakeshop is me - Amy Noonan! I am a passionate vegan for the past 10+ years and a trained pastry chef. When I went vegan in 2009, I searched far and wide for vegan baked goods to no avail. So, what was I, a gal who couldn't even bake up box brownies, to do? I just had to start baking. And I couldn't stop! It all started with a batch of snickerdoodle cookies. They were so delicious, I thought, "What else can I make vegan?" Thus, my quest to veganize any baked good I came across began.

As my passion for baking grew stronger, I yearned to refine my skills. So, in 2010, I enrolled in the Pastry Arts program at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. Under the training of Chef Adrienne Longhitano, I graduated with my certificate in pastry arts in 2011 and have been working in professional kitchens ever since.

Now, Peaches Bakeshop is born. Why "Peaches?" Well, peaches are just about the cutest fruit I can think of, and I'm constantly drawn to anything flavored or colored like peaches. After deciding on a business name, I learned that my paternal grandfather used to call my grandmother "Peach." I lost my father in June 2016, and knowing this fact about his mother makes me feel like I can honor him through my work, and I am so proud to do that.

Thanks or reading, and I hope to serve you soon!